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Integrated Solutions Department

At Hiawatha Implement we know precision farming is a vital piece of your complete farming solution. Our Integrated Solutions department is committed to providing efficient, cutting edge products and support that allow you to manage your business profitably.


With a combined 25+ years of GPS knowledge, our support team has a solution for your operation. We are committed to the cutting edge in accuracy.To achieve accuracy at the level farmers are requiring today, Hiawatha Implement’s RTK network is a vital part of your precision farming solution.

RTK auto-guidance on planters, tillage equipment, nitrogen applicators, sprayers, and combines has been shown to result in an average savings of 5% (ranging 2 to 7%) on input costs.Another study, conducted by Dr. John Fulton at Auburn University, indicated that auto-swath technology could result in a 4.3% average savings on input costs for a farm, with a payback of approximately two years. If the savings due to GPS guidance were included, the total cost savings could be in the 20 to 30% range.

We have also made a commitment to all your mapping needs. Yield maps, variable rate planting and fertilizer prescriptions are available to help meet your ever-changing needs.

If you are wondering about John Deere’s Precision Ag Technology, contact any of our IS consultants or visit with your sales professional at Hiawatha Implement.


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